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Student Registration

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Student Registration

To be enrolled as a student, a person should have at least the equivalent of a high school education, or have demonstrated their ability to complete and benefit from our courses. Prospective students may register via this site.


Authorized Site and Use License
Every course includes a license defining its authorized use. Use of the course materials implies
agreement with the terms of the license.

Tuition & Fees
Tuition rates are intentionally affordable to allow students to achieve a quality education to
pursue their dreams. Some courses require the purchase of a textbook from a third-party. If you
have questions regarding this, please contact your Student Administrator or Chancellor.

Student Records
An unofficial record will be kept in the student profile of the online learning platform. The CLST
Global Office will maintain official records and transcripts for students.

Certificate, Diploma and Degree Application Fees
When you have completed your program of study, please complete the appropriate application
form to initiate the transcript evaluation. You will find in “Student Help” of your LMS account.


                                                            Application                                         Amount
                                                            Certificate of Ministry                         $50.00
                                                            Diploma of Theology                         $75.00
                                                            Associate of Theology                       $100.00
                                                            Bachelor of Theology                        $125.00
                                                            Master of Theology                           $150.00
                                                            Master of Sacred Studies                  $175.00
                                                            Doctor of Sacred Studies                  $225.00
                                                            Doctor of Theology                           $225.00


Transcript Requests
If a student requires an Official Transcript or an unofficial Course Record of his/her studies from CLST Global, the student must submit a Transcript Request Form to CLST Global. Forms must be accompanied by appropriate fees for each copy of the transcript requested. Requests will usually be processed within 10-15 business days. To ensure privacy of student information, the request must be in writing and be signed by the student.

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