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Examination Policies and Procedures

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Course examinations consist of objective questions. All questions on the examination are taken from the lectures, textbook, syllabus/study guide, and referenced Scriptures. The examinations are “open-book.” This means that students may refer to course materials when they take their examinations.

Taking Online Exams
When taking an exam you may move forward and back in the questions until the exam is submitted. (Different button on #50) If you need to stop the examination before it is complete, you may log out. When you sign back in the test will resume where you left off. (This is true of the full site, not the app) If you fail the exam, you may retake the exam
one time.

Time Limitations
Students have 45 days from the course registration to complete the course and
take the exam. Failure to complete the course on time will result in a "0"
entered into the student transcript and 30 days to apply for a one-time make-up

For emergency situations only, students may apply for an extension.

Make-Up Examinations
If the course expires or you fail the exam, you may retake the assessment one more time for a $50
fee. Follow the instructions on your exam results or contact your School Administrator or Dean to request this. After the second attempt, the course must be re-taken at full tuition price.

Academic Appeal
Students have the right of academic appeal if they wish to dispute an examination grade. If a changed answer will result in a changed grade, appeals will be responded to as promptly as possible, but sometimes may require extensive research into course materials or contact with the instructor to obtain information.

Appeals must be submitted within 10 days following the date the grade report was published. The appeal must also identify the course number and title, and the name, address, and phone number of the school official to contact regarding the appeal.

The appeal must explain, with references to course materials, why the student’s original answer is correct. The student must provide specific references to course materials and state why he or she
believes the material supports his or her answer.

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