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Graduation Information

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Graduation/Commencement Policies and Procedures

Christian Life School of Theology Global hosts an annual graduation ceremony in which all graduating students may participate. The Commencement Exercises will be held annually. (Your school may also host its own ceremonies. Please contact your Student Administrator or Chancellor for more information.)

Requesting Degrees

Students requesting a degree must have received the required units at the time the graduation
request is made. Examinations must be graded, grades posted, and grade reports received.
Students requesting a degree must also have achieved the required grade point average (GPA)
of 2.0 or “C” to receive the certificate, diploma of theology, associate of theology, or the
bachelor of theology. At the graduate level, a GPA of 3.0 or “B” is required to earn all other
degrees. After all record checks are completed and all monies have been paid in full, the degree
order will be placed.

Five requirements must be satisfied before a degree is issued:

1) The Degree Application Form is in order.
2) The residency requirement is fulfilled.
3) The unit completion requirement for each degree is met.
4) The grade point average (GPA) must be achieved.
5) The balancing requirement must be fulfilled. To meet this requirement, students must pass a least on 
    course in each of the six divisions of study to earn the Bachelor of Theology degree. Outside of this balancing requirement, the student can specialize or customize their degree program as meets the needs of their calling and/or the requirements set forth by their ministry network.

The date on the degree will be the date of issue from CLST Global, or the date of the graduation
at the Commencement. If the student does not participate in the graduation and later requests
a diploma or degree, it will be dated on the date of issue from CLST Global.

Graduation Regalia and Class Rings

Graduates participating in a CLSTG Commencement exercise will wear appropriate
graduation regalia. Graduates holding a CLSTG degree are entitled to wear the distinctive class ring that symbolizes achievement and excellence in education. Students must have earned a Bachelor of Theology degree or higher to qualify for a class ring. Graduates should order regalia or class rings through Jostens (please contact the CLST Global office for the details). Please note that no ring order will be processed by Jostens without verification of academic standing.

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