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Programs of Study

All of the certifications, diplomas, and degrees offered by these study programmes are conferred following the accumulation of course completion units. Each course successfully completed is worth three completion units. The following certifications, diplomas, and degrees are awarded by CLST Global in collaboration with our institution. A minimum of one course from each of the six course categories is required for Bachelor of Theology and higher degrees.

Graduation Ceremony

               Program                Designation           Unit                GPA   


Certificates of Ministry       Various            15 Units              2.0
Diploma of Theology         Dip.Th.            30 Units              2.0
Associate of Theology        A.Th.               60 Units              2.0
Bachelor of Theology         B.Th.               126 Units            2.0
Master of Theology            M.Th.              171 Units            3.0
Master of Sacred Studies   M.S.S.             216 Units            3.0
Doctor of Sacred Studies   D.S.S.             261 Units            3.0
Doctor of Theology            D.Th.              300 Units            3.0

Bachelor of Theology Degree Program
Possible Study Concentrations

Students pursuing a regular Bachelor of Theology degree may take any courses that match their needs, as long as at least one course from each Course Division is taken. The following course schedules are presented as mandated degree programmes for the award of a certain concentration. The Master of Theology and higher programmes are entirely up to the student.

                                                       Biblical Theology Concentration

  • Christian Counseling Concentration

  • Historical Theology Concentration

  • New Testament Concentration

  • Old Testament Concentration

  • Practical Theology Concentration

  • Christian Worldview Concentration

  • Discipleship & Spiritual Formation Concentration

  • Leadership Concentration

  • Marriage & Family Concentration

  • Evangelism & Missions Concentration

  • Healing Ministry Concentration

  • Apologetics Concentration

  • Christian Life Coaching Concentration

  • Christian Business Leadership Concentration

  • Chaplaincy Concentration

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