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Certificates & Diplomas

CLST Global in association with our school awards the following certificates, diploma and degrees. Bachelor of Theology and above requires at least one course from each of the six course divisions.

Our Certificate Program bundles courses into specialized areas of ministry. This enables students to focus their studies, thereby receiving specialized training and equipping for practical ministry. Certificates of Ministry are earned by successfully completing the five courses listed within each particular area of study.

1. Students may take as many certificate tracks during their course of study as desired to
equip themselves with specialized training for practical ministry.

2. Courses taken toward the completion of a certificate will also apply toward earning a
degree. Successful completion of a second certificate will also qualify a student to apply for the Diploma of Theology, etc.

3. For selected courses in the Certificate Program to qualify toward the appropriate certificate, each student must complete all coursework and successfully complete the examination. He or she must receive a passing grade on each course and maintain a grade point average(GPA) of 2.0 or higher.

4. Upon completion of the five courses in a certificate program, a Certificate Application Form must be submitted. Please follow the instructions provided on the form.

Certificates of Ministry Offer Concentrated Study In The Following Areas:

Biblical Studies Certificate


BT505   Introduction to Biblical Studies
OT115  Survey of the Old Testament I
OT120  Survey of the Old Testament II
NT115  Survey of the New Testament I
NT120  Survey of the New Testament II

New Testament Studies Certificate

NT115    Survey of the New Testament

INT120   Survey of the New Testament

IINT511  New Testament Theology

NT560    Paul: The Man

NT510    Peter: The Man and His Ministry


Gospels & Acts Certificate

NT113  The Beatitudes
NT531  Synoptic Gospels I
NT532  Synoptic Gospels II
NT555  The Book of Acts
NT636  The Lord’s Prayer

Pauline Epistles Certificate

NT124  The Book of Galatians
NT211  Romans I
NT313  The Book of Ephesians
NT421  The Pastoral Letters
NT561  Paul: His Letters

General Epistles & Revelation Certificate

NT225     The Book of Hebrews
NT525     The Letters of John
NT626     Studies in the Book of James
NT670    The Book of Jude
NT840    The Seven Churches of Asia

Old Testament Studies Certificate

OT115  Survey of the Old Testament I
OT120  Survey of the Old Testament II
OT401  The Bible As a Whole
OT525  Old Testament Theology
OT350  The Minor Prophets

Pentateuch Certificate

OT314     The Ten Commandments
OT410     The Tabernacle of Moses
OT660     Genesis and the Grace of God
OT670     The Pentateuch I
OT675     The Pentateuch II

Old Testament History Certificate

OT113.    The Book of Esther
OT250.    Training for Reigning I
OT414     The Book of Nehemiah
OT450     Training for Reigning II
OT561     The Book of Joshua

Old Testament Poetry Certificate

OT542     The Book of Proverbs
OT527     Psalms: A Hebrew History
OT529     The Twenty-Third Psalm
OT570     Song of Solomon I
OT611     Pearls of Wisdom from the 


Old Testament Prophecy Certificate

OT350     The Minor Prophets
OT399     The Book of Isaiah
OT541     The Book of Jeremiah
OT610     The Book of Daniel
OT645     The Anointing: It’s Nature and

                 How to Receive It


Biblical Languages Certificate

NT516     Biblical Languages: Greek I:

                Lexical Greek

NT517     Biblical Languages: Greek II:

                New Testament Exegesis

OT638    Biblical Languages: Hebrew I:

                Lexical Hebrew

OT641    Biblical Languages: Hebrew II:

               Lexical Hebrew II

Theological Foundations Certificate

BT105.    Back to Basics
BT440     God’s Eternal Plan
BT510     Laying the Foundation
BT571     A New Testament Study of Grace
BT726     Biblical Theology of the Kingdom

Systematic Theology Certificate

BT108     Theology: The Nature,

                Essence and Attributes of God
BT321     Christology
BT502     Systematic Theology I
BT503:    Systematic Theology II
BT945     Ecclesiology II

Worldview Studies Certificate

BT355.    Christian Ethics
BT425     Apologetics
BT602     Historical Christianity and

                Other Worldviews
BT725.    Philosophy I
BT901     Introduction to Christian


Church History Certificate

HT445     History of Christianity in 

                America I
HT510     The History of the Early Church
HT530     Our Full-Gospel Heritage
HT630     Heresy and the Development

                of Christian Doctrine
HT720     The Apostles’ Creed

Discipleship and Spiritual Formation Certificate

PT120     Christian Life and Witness II
PT510      First Corinthians 13: The Love                            Chapter
PT500      A Theology of Success
PT545      Biblical Discipleship
PT580.     The Theology of Spiritual       


Spirit-Filled Life Certificate

BT805.    Holy Spirit I
PT330.    God’s Manifest Presence
PT335     Experiencing and

                Encountering the Holy Spirit
PT446.    God Hedge: The Fruit of the Spirit
HT680    The Glory of God

Christian Life Coaching Certificate

PT730     Introduction to Coaching
PT403     The Theology of Relationships
CC520    Resolving Conflict and Anger                              God’s Way
PT555     Leadership Principles II
PT522     Beyond Great: An Introduction

Biblical Counseling Certificate

CC150.    Introduction to Biblical

CC176     Foundations of Christian

CC511     Interpersonal Relationships and
                Personality Patterns
CC520.    Resolving Conflict and Anger

                 God’s Way
CC960    Journey Toward Wholeness

Advanced Biblical Counseling Certificate

PT251.    You Can Be Emotionally Healed
CC303    The Road to Restoration
PT663     Healing the Wounded Heart
CC510    Experiencing the Father’s

PT661     No Longer a Victim

Marriage & Family Studies Certificate

CC310     A Study of Christian Marriage

                and Child-Training
CC451.    Portrait of Christian Marriage

                and Family
CC525.    Biblical Building Blocks for

                Marriage and Family
CC555     Godly Foundations for Parenting
CC660     You Can Have a Happy Family

Pastoral Ministry Certificate

PT519     The Bible and Hospitality
PT535     Practical Ministry Principles
PT595.    The Emerging Missional Church
PT690     Relational Team building
PT727.    Building Churches That Last

Preaching & Teaching Certificate

BT451     Developing Sound Hermeneutics
PT201     Preaching
PT340     Dynamics of Effective Communication
PT501     Expository Preaching
PT590     Teaching: A Biblical Perspective

Prayer & Intercession Certificate

BT225     Prayer: Its Power and Purpose
BT623     How to Pray the Father’s Heart
PT125     The Praying Church
PT623     Prayer In Another Dimension
PT816     How to Hear the Voice of God

Worship Ministry Certificate

BT545     A Theology of Worship
OT214    Davidic Worship: Tabernacle of

PT508     The Priority of Praise and Worship
PT540     A Study of Biblical Worship
PT605     The Philosophy of Worship

Evangelism & Missions Certificate

PT301     Equipping for Evangelism
PT403     The Theology of Relationships
PT415     New Strategies for Evangelism
PT502     Theology of Missions
PT643     Reaching a Postmodern World

Healing Ministry Certificate

PT251     You Can Be Emotionally Healed
PT521.    Advanced Deliverance I
PT551     Divine Health and Healing

PT663.    Healing the Wounded Heart
PT668     Restoring the Foundations I

Spiritual Warfare Certificate

PT526     The Believer’s Authority
PT606     The Theology of Spiritual Authority
PT616     Spiritual Warfare
PT640.    Freer Than You Ever Dreamed
PT641     Spiritual Deception: A Biblical Study

Advanced Leadership Studies


PT255.    Leadership Principles I
PT420.    Strengthening Leaders
PT555.    Leadership Principles II
PT675     Cultivating Kingdom Champions
PT705     Leadership Principles V

Marketplace Ministry Certificate


PT507    Seven Basic Biblical Principles for 
               Success in the Marketplace
PT597     Financial Wisdom to Create True

PT633     God’s Systems on Success
PT667     Kingdom Business Leadership I
PT687     Kingdom Business Leadership

Leadership Studies Certificate

PT136     Leaders Under Construction
PT235     A Biblical Understanding of

PT322     Leadership Principles VII
PT350     Courage to Lead
PT511     21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Apostolic Ministry Certificate

PT213     Spiritual Fathering
PT528     Apostolic Ministry
PT587     Contemporary Christian Issues

PT645     The Apostle and the Church
PT685     Leadership Principles III

Chaplaincy Certificate

PT402     Introduction to Chaplaincy
BT355     Christian Ethics
BT800     Engaging the Culture with a Biblical

PT340     Dynamics of Effective

PT643.    Reaching a Post-Modern World

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